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5 Things To Know About The BYOD Trends

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Wed, 10/24/2012 - 6:07pm -- rkmelton


5 Things To Know About The BYOD Trends


This post is part of a series on choosing the best device for your school or district. Be sure to check out the full-length discussion in the July issue of Edudemic Magazine for iPad.

The Bring-Your-Own-Device trend makes sense. It’s cost-effective and lets students use the device they already know and love. While it may present some problems for your school or district’s IT department, it’s a great start to bringing in web 2.0 tools and apps to the classroom.

BYOD is getting adopted at a rapid clip these days. But thanks to a new infographic, we have a closer look atthe BYOD trendEntarasys outlines 5 key facts (on the left side of the infographic, the right side is more business-y) that teachers, students, and school administrators should know about.

Key Findings

43% of parents see student use of mobile technology as a way to increase engagement

41% of parents see participation with mobile technology as preparation for the working world.

Apple shipped more iPads in 2 years than Macs over 20 years.

67% of parents would buy their children a cell phone if allowed in school.

90% have disabled auto-lock for tablets; 75% for smartphones.

BYOD Trends