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"Education On Demand Within Your Hands" 


Campus Technology Forum 2013 San Diego


Transforming Today’s Education and Tomorrow’s Workforce with Mobilization



  • The Elements (Science)
  • iSwifter (to run FLASH)
  • Quad Browser
  • EyeDecide (Medical)
  • Word Lens (automatic translations)
  • MyScript (Math Computations)
  • Sign4Me (Sign Language
  • iMuscle (Fitness & Health)
  • Heart Pro III  (Medical)
  • The Elements (Science)
  • Prognosis (Problem Based App)
  • Bitsboard (Language Development)
  • Toca Boca Hair Salon I & II
  • Health Map (Health & Medical)
  • Skitch (Productivity Tool for Writing on iPad)
  • CloudOn (Microsoft Office: WORD/PPT.Excel)
  • KOBO (1.5 Free million books)
  • Wattspad (100,000 free books)
  • Behavior Breakthrough (Acting Out Behaviors)
  • Access My College Library (Databases, Books)
  • Soundhound (recognizes humming, songs, etc.)
  • Our Choice (interactive College Text Book)
  • Quakes
  • iBooks
  • ROMA (virtual history)
  • PetWorld 3D (Character Edcation)
  • Roambi (Business App)
  • Broswer4two (opening two browsers)
  • DualBrowser (opening two browsers)
  • Pyramids 3D
  • Real Racing HD 2
  • Shrek Karting (multiplayers)
  • MoneyReader (visually impaired)
  • Dinosaur Zoo (interactive book)
  • POMT (zooming into the cells of a hand)
  • FrogDissertation (dissecting a frog)
  • Google Translate (two way translation/no typing)
  • Back in Time
  • Video Time Machine
  • Skee-Ball HD
  • Let's Create! Pottery (Lite & HD)
  • Verbally (communication board)
  • PuppetPal (communication)
  • iCookbook (voice activation)
  • Accuradio (music)
  • Symphony Pro (composing music)
  • Toca Boca Band
  • Khan Academy
  • Tap to Talk
  • Art Authority
  • Phonemic Chart
  • ClearTune 
  • Timeline Maker
  • Toy Story I (free)
  • Pictello (create book with photos)
  • AroundMe (places around you)
  • Strings (augmented reality)
  • Zappar (augmented reality)
  • Visual Body Circulatory 
  • Sounds Right
  • Say It Mail It (note taking tool)
  • InClass (free note taking tool for students)
  • LeafsnapHD
  • FlipBoard (free magazine)
  • FlightBoard (traveling)
  • Educreations (interactive whiteboard)
  • iTunes U. (podcasts)
  • Futaba CG (collabrative games for kids)
  • Albert HD (Interaction for Elementary - Middle)
  • Action Movie
  • SoundNote (taking notes at meetings)
  • StillShot (creating still short from videos)
  • Home Search
  • Sephora (Health * Beauty)
  • SignUp (sign-in sheet)
  • Touch Cats (virtual pets)
  • PetWorld (virtual pet shop)
  • What if Everything Had Legs (interactive book)

    One LapTop Per Child (OLPC) Project:
    Aim to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop in third world countries.

  • TBR Mobile App Educational & Workforce Resource Center: (70,000+ apps): 
    (which will direct you to: Apps aligned to all devices from Preschool - Ph.D. & Careers

  • Apple App Livebinder Resource: Tennessee P-20 iPads and APPs by Subjects /Grades *

  • MERLOT Mobile App Peer Reviews: 



Classroom Management Applications: (current system wide pilots)

Publishers' Content Applications: (current system wide pilots)


**AirServer: wireless use of iPad/iPhone/iPodtouch ($4.00)
**Samsung Dongle: wirless use of Samsung phones and tablets (using All Share) (does NOT require internet nor bluetooth not wifi connection to operate with a VGA or HDMI Projectors.)