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Office of the Chancellor

Welcome to the Tennessee Board of Regents website and thank you for visiting.

The most important contribution we can make for the benefit of all Tennesseans is to advocate for improvement to public education at every possible opportunity.

The Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010 has set the stage for the Tennessee Board of Regents to advance public higher education in Tennessee. The act has attracted national attention as a catalyst for transformational change, and the Tennessee Board of Regents is poised to lead the nation’s college completion agenda.

As the sixth largest system of public higher education in the nation, the TBR is uniquely charged with educating and training the workforce and future leaders of our state and nation. Some 46 campuses, more than 200,000 students, and 15,500 full-time employees comprise the TBR. Our institutions are located in 90 of the 95 counties in Tennessee, offering a variety of degrees and services and providing credentials to more than 22,000 Tennesseans each year.

The state of Tennessee has clearly defined the role public higher education should play in fulfilling the state’s public agenda. The charge is clear, and the TBR is prepared to meet those expectations.

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