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About the Office of the Chancellor

The chancellor's office includes the chancellor, John Morgan, and his immediate support staff, as well as the executive assistant to the board secretary and the office of communications.

The chancellor is responsible for guiding the TBR system in accordance with the board's direction and for managing the TBR central office in a manner consistent with the central office's mission and vision. Operational responsibilities and processes include day to day management of the system and the central office; board coordination, communication and logistics; presidential searches; and dealing with the media and the general public, including handling complaints and general information requests.

The chancellor's office provides day to day management of the system and the central office. It coordinates board activities, including meetings and conference calls, and handles board communications and logistics. It oversees presidential searches. And it handles media and public relations.

System and Central Office Management 

At the system level the chancellor directly oversees the presidents of TBR's six universities and 13 community colleges. At the central office level, he oversees the work of the vice-chancellor for academic affairs, the vice-chancellor for access and diversity, the vice-chancellor for administration and facilities development, the vice-chancellor for business and finance, the general counsel, the chief information officer, the vice-chancellor for Tennessee Technology Centers, and the director of communications. His administrative staff consists of the executive assistant to the chancellor and an administrative assistant. He also oversees, with the general counsel, the executive assistant to the general counsel, who is also the board secretary.

Board Coordination 

The executive assistant to the general counsel oversees all matters related to the board including board meeting planning and implementation. The board meets in person quarterly, telephonically as needed, and there are a variety of standing and ad hoc committee meetings, as well as a quarterly committee chairs meeting. Detailed information on the board and its operations may be found in the board section of this website.

Presidential Searches 

When there is a vacancy in a university or community college presidency, the chancellor's office conducts all aspects of the search, including selecting a search committee, advertising for the position, coordination with a search firm if one is used, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, checking references, making campus visits, and so forth. The presidential search process is a relatively standardized one, although all searches vary to some degree.

Media and Public Relations 

The director of communications handles relations with the press, issues public notices and other press releases, responds to public inquiries, oversees open records requests that come to the chancellor's office, manages the TBR website, and handles other communications duties.

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