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"Education On Demand Within Your Hands" 




Keynote Presentation: 
“Distance Education: New Era of Access and Learning through  Mobilization” 

How can mobile technologies transform teaching, support learning goals, and prepare students with the knowledge and skills that they need for the 21st century job market?

This session will explore the impact and transformation of mobilization, as well as several practical approaches in the administration, planning, management, and measures of effectiveness for the use of mobilization (mobile devices and mobile content) in improving teaching, learning, workforce development and increasing engagement and retention.

Powerpoint Presentation: Download Here

  • The Elements (Science)
  • iSwifter (to run FLASH)
  • Quad Browser
  • EyeDecide (Medical)
  • Word Lens (automatic translations)
  • MyScript (Math Computations)
  • Sign4Me (Sign Language
  • iMuscle (Fitness & Health)
  • Heart Pro III  (Medical)
  • The Elements (Science)
  • Prognosis (Problem Based App)
  • Bitsboard (Language Development)
  • Toca Boca Hair Salon I & II
  • Health Map (Health & Medical)
  • Skitch (Productivity Tool for Writing on iPad)
  • CloudOn (Microsoft Office: WORD/PPT.Excel)
  • KOBO (1.5 Free million books)
  • Wattspad (100,000 free books)
  • Behavior Breakthrough (Acting Out Behaviors)
  • Access My College Library (Databases, Books)
  • Soundhound (recognizes humming, songs, etc.)
  • Our Choice (interactive College Text Book)
  • Quakes
  • iBooks
  • ROMA (virtual history)
  • PetWorld 3D (Character Edcation)
  • Roambi (Business App)
  • Broswer4two (opening two browsers)
  • DualBrowser (opening two browsers)
  • Pyramids 3D
  • Real Racing HD 2
  • Shrek Karting (multiplayers)
  • MoneyReader (visually impaired)
  • Dinosaur Zoo (interactive book)
  • POMT (zooming into the cells of a hand)
  • FrogDissertation (dissecting a frog)
  • Google Translate (two way translation/no typing)
  • Back in Time
  • Video Time Machine
  • Skee-Ball HD
  • Let's Create! Pottery (Lite & HD)
  • Verbally (communication board)
  • PuppetPal (communication)
  • iCookbook (voice activation)
  • Accuradio (music)
  • Symphony Pro (composing music)
  • Toca Boca Band
  • Khan Academy
  • Tap to Talk
  • Art Authority
  • Phonemic Chart
  • ClearTune 
  • Timeline Maker
  • Toy Story I (free)
  • Pictello (create book with photos)
  • AroundMe (places around you)
  • Strings (augmented reality)
  • Zappar (augmented reality)
  • Visual Body Circulatory 
  • Sounds Right
  • Say It Mail It (note taking tool)
  • InClass (free note taking tool for students)
  • LeafsnapHD
  • FlipBoard (free magazine)
  • FlightBoard (traveling)
  • Educreations (interactive whiteboard)
  • iTunes U. (podcasts)
  • Futaba CG (collabrative games for kids)
  • Albert HD (Interaction for Elementary - Middle)
  • Action Movie
  • SoundNote (taking notes at meetings)
  • StillShot (creating still short from videos)
  • Home Search
  • Sephora (Health * Beauty)
  • SignUp (sign-in sheet)
  • Touch Cats (virtual pets)
  • PetWorld (virtual pet shop)
  • What if Everything Had Legs (interactive book)

    One LapTop Per Child (OLPC) Project:
    Aim to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop in third world countries.

  • TBR Mobile App Educational & Workforce Resource Center: (70,000+ apps): 
    (which will direct you to: Apps aligned to all devices from Preschool - Ph.D. & Careers

  • Apple App Livebinder Resource: Tennessee P-20 iPads and APPs by Subjects /Grades *

  • MERLOT Mobile App Peer Reviews: 



Classroom Management Applications: (current system wide pilots)

Publishers' Content Applications: (current system wide pilots)