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"Education On Demand Within Your Hands" 


TBR Mobile App Quality Standards & Resource Center (50,000+ Apps)

Library of Mobile Apps

TBR Quality Mobile Apps Standards 

It complies with ADA/Section 504/508 Standards 

It can be accessed from all mobile devices (Apple, Androids, Netbooks, etc.) 

It is aligned with the curriculum

It can be measured in terms of students’ outcomes

It allows the instructor to monitor and track students’ progress

It provides at least two (2) learning modalities options (visual, audio, etc.)

It meets instructional design best practices

It adheres to Human Subject Review requirements

It meets federal, state, and local mandates

It respects the privacy of others

It meets the PG rating standards

It can be modified to meet the needs of student learning styles.

It can be used without the Internet.