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"Education On Demand Within Your Hands" 


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Tennessee Board of Regents: TBR Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center

The Tennessee Board of Regents was ahead of the curve when it supported the creation of the TBR Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center. Citing data on the explosive growth in mobile devices and apps and their more prominent use for non-educational activities such as entertainment, "Education On-Demand within Your Hands" was designed with the concept of free, 24/7 access to mobile apps for faculty, staff and students, with each ap tagged according to subject area, level of education, and type of device. The goal of the center is to be a major repository for educational and career training mobile apps serving students and faculty around the world at all levels - PreK-12, higher education, and adult workforce training. The Natural Science program at Walters State Communtiy College provides an example of how faculty have incorporated mobile apps in biology and chemistry.

Utilizing a peer review rubric originally developed by MERLOT, a series of quality standards are utilized in the review of all apps, such as compliance with ADA standards, device neutral, cost, privacy, student engagement and outcomes. Since the TBR Mobile App Resource was launched in 2010, the number of subject matter disciplines has grown to 125 and the total number of educational and workforce apps has reached 60,000+ with continuous daily uploads.

Future plans include "app alerts" to faculty and students of new uploaded apps by their selected subject area; "Apps of the Month Video Clips" used in teaching; and the identification of mobilization competencies.


Robbie K. Melton

Associate Vice Chancellor for Mobilizaiton & Emerging Technologies

System Wide Office of Mobilization

Tennessee Board of Regents



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2011 Achievements:

  • Creation of the Mobile App Educational and Workforce Resource Center
  • iPhone/iPad Mobile App: TTC Mobile App
  • System Wide Mobile Library
  • Tennessee Technology Centers: Workforce Mobile Apps
  • USA Today Feature of TBReLearning Mobile App Center
  • Apple Education Mobilization Summit hosted by Walters State Community College
  • Leading System of Higher Education Strategic Planning for Mobilization (MERLOT/IMS Global)
  • Mobilized Community College: Walters State Community College (Departmental Goals/Plans)

2012 Achievements: