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"Education On Demand Within Your Hands" 


What We Do

Tennessee Board of Regents 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

TBR Seal Logo

The Tennessee Board of Regents 2010-2015 strategic plan, Charting the Course, helps define the board's role in defining policies, setting directions, and establishing priorities, while ensuring that each institution has the freedom to cultivate its unique culture and personality.  For more information about the 2010-2015 strategic plan please follow this link to the Strategic Planning page in Academic Affairs.

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Logo for TBR Mobilization Office

Chancellor: John Morgan (

Vice Chancellor: Dr. Wendy Thompson (

Associate Vice Chancellor: Dr. Robbie K. Melton (

Coordinator: Jeffery Norfleet II (

Administrative Assistant: Tiffany Sweeney (

Location/Address: Directions: 

Renaissance Educational Technology Center
855 Highway 46 South
Dickson, Tennessee 37055

Mission: To explore mobilization and emerging technology for increasing recruitment, retention, and graduation rates and to improve teaching, learning, training, and workforce development.


Procedural Manual:

  • Support to Campuses [Reducing Duplication & Maximizing Resources]
    - Professional Development
    - mLearning Products
    - Research & Clearinghouse
  • Professional Development & Training Request
    - Approvals

    - Determination of Location

    - Travel Guidelines and Procedures for Reimbursement
  • Academies / Summits / Retreats / Workshops / Webinars / Forums
    - National - State eLearning Trends / Issues

    - TBR Needs Assessment (State / System / Campus / Committees)
  • mLearning Technology Demonstrations
    - Identification of mLearning Products

    - Vendors Presentations
  • Equipment 30 Days Review & Loans
- Purchase Procedures

    - TBReLearning Inventory Tracking & Monitoring Google Doc
    (listing of all items/products)

    - Equipment Verification Forms (Appropriate Use Agreements)

    - Bi-Yearly Verification of Equipment Usage
- Annual Equipment Inventory Review (TBR Business Office)
  • Mobilization Support
- Presentations & Demonstrations (Central & Campus)

    - Training
- Mobilization Devices On-Loan

    - Mobile App Volume Purchase

    - Campus Apple ID & Passwords

    - Mobile App Campus Distribution Guidelines & Procedures

    - Evaluation Form 
  • mProduct Testing
    - Call for Testers

    - Assessment Feedback Form
  • mLearning Pilots
  • mLearning Committees
    - TBRmLearning Advisory Committee

    - MERLOT / eDiscipline Coordinators

    - IT Mobile Committee

    - eStudent Services Committee

    - Mobile App Review Committee

    - Library Mobile Committee